What is streaming radio ?

How can Crestone DMS help you use it to connect to your customers, today? 

Streaming services have made music portable now more than ever. Consumers are able to experience life through their own personal soundtracks. With programmatic streaming radio advertising, clients can reach their target audiences while they go about their day.

What is Streaming Radio?

At Crestone DMS, it is easy to introduce non-skippable, brand safe programmatic audio advertising to your hyper-local marketing campaigns. Crestone DMS’ Programmatic Streaming Radio allows you to choose inventory by age, gender, location, musical interest, or third party data. Streaming radio through Crestone DMS allows you to run traditional radio campaigns while also receiving the benefit of real-time decision reporting, conversion metrics, cross device targeting, and omni channel optimization. Tap into radio budgets with these exciting new tools and digital marketing solutions.

Our partners are working with local marketers focused on audio advertising to extend their campaigns, creative investments, and ROI through Streaming Radio solutions provided by Crestone DMS. Gaining access to the billions of dollars being spent on radio is just the beginning. Our Partners are now able to provide a more well-rounded, total marketing solution because of this new access, capturing a larger share of revenue and providing a more holistic solution for their local marketers.